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Ebonyi College of Medicine: A center of Excellence


Obinna Uchendu

The provision of infrastructure is critical for socio-enonomic development in any nation. In the last 6 years, Ebonyi State under the leadership of Governor David Umahi has had its fair share of Infrastructural Development, human empowerment and security of lives and property.

There is no gainsaying that Governor David Umahi has transformed the state to become the envy of many state in the country. Some of the laudable projects of the state Governor includes the construction of some federal roads which were hitherto death traps. The Afikpo-Abakaliki road and the Nkalagu road were all nightmare. He also built the first virology center in the South East from scratch and till date, the center has handled cases of Covid 19 in the country espercially the South East.

Governor Umahi since assumption of office in 2015 has ensured that the health sector recieves priority attention. The budget of the ministry of health has always been in the increase to ensure accelerated development in the sector. The infrastructural development in the health sector has enabled the citizens of the state both the less privileged and the rich to have access to efficiently and effective healthcare services.

Governor Umahi had it all figured out ways of ensuring that there is accelerated development in the healtg sector. On assumption he facilitated the massive renovation and reconstruction of the geneeal hospitals, built the massive hospital complex at the Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki and isolation centers to tackle the Covid 19 pandemic.

With his wealth of experience in purposeful governance and robust developmental blueprint, he commenced the construction of the world class Ebonyi State College of Medicine in Ohaozara local government area of the state which has been described by many as one of its kind in Africa

The hospital on completion would create streams of job opportunities, improved productivity, serve lives and reduce drastically the cost of healthcare in the country as many would make use of the hospital for their health needs.

The first of its kind College of Medicine, in Africa when completed also would be a center of Excellence in medicine producing dialysis disposables, perform kidney transplant and resolve so many other emergency and complicated health issues.

The project which is nearing completion has become a tourist center as many visitors to the state express shock at the pace the work and the rapid progress being made at the world class center.

No doubt the College on completion would be a complete community that would habour all the staff with accommodation, school, security and other facilities that would ensure productivity and excellence.

Indeed the College is a masterpiece and a place to visit. Ends.


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