Enugu: Reps candidate sets the pace, rehabilitates rural roads in Udi/Ezeagu

Chief Okeke touching the lives of Udi/Ezeagu through rural road rehabilitation
Chief Okeke touching the lives of Udi/Ezeagu through rural road rehabilitation

The decision of the House of Reps candidate for Udi/Ezeagu Federal Constituency Chief Wilfred Okeke to grade rural roads across the area has brought celebrations amongst the people.

At Iwollo the oldest man poured libations and prayed for the candidate popularly known to as Wilangy.

As the bulldozers, graders rolls from Iwollo, Olo, Obelagu Umana, Ngwo, Chief Okeke’s philanthropy continues to resonate ahead of next year’s National Assembly elections.

Having finished the work at Iwollo, the graders would be moving into Olo today. It will be the turn of Udi at the weekend.

The schedule for the aggressive rural road project shows that the heavy machines would move into Obelagu Umana from Udi.
Agba Umana has already been taking care of.

Work is still on going at Iwollo and will proceed to Aguobu Iwollo and from there to Aguobu Owa.

EverydayNews reports that Ngwo will have 2km of roads, Affa 1km.

A release form the Wilfred Okeke Campaign Media Office noted that work will be extended to Udi North and South.

Chief Okeke who started the road rehabilitation expressed joy that his counterpart and PDP Reps candidate for Awgu/Aninri/Oji-River Federal Constituency Chief Anayo Onwuegbu has also rolled out caterpillars in his area.

“This is what you experience when you have busissmen rather than career politicians in public offices. You expect such healthy competitions that will benefit the people.

“We congratulate the PDP candidate for taking such steps, it shows that as businessmen, we are contesting to better the lives of the common man, and I assure you that it is the same spirit we are taking to the National Assemly.

Chief Okeke who is the Chairman of Wilangy Group has employed over 43 workers from Udi and Ezeagu.

He has a Scholarship Scheme which the Udi/Ezeagu Constituency has largely benefited. The scholarship also covers the entire Enugu State.

Chief Okeke who built a parish House for the Enugu Catholic Diocese is also considering another request to replicate same in the Udi Denary.

Chief Okeke told EverydayNews that nobody should see him as a threat. “I am not in a race with anyone. I have also warned my people against attack or use of foul language on any candidate.

“I have merely presented myself to serve and I have confidence that my people who are happy with my little contributions outside government will vote for me.




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