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Enugu: ECTDA says sealed Lounge has illegal structures 


Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority has dismissed with a wave of the hand claims by Mr. Ikechukwu Okeke, owner of sealed Breathe Restaurant that he has approval for the establishment of the club.

In his fresh claims Mr. Okeke paraded documents supposedly issued by the same agency but failed to show any receipts nor evidence of payment to the government.
Mr. Okeke who alleged coercion by ECTDA to sign an Affidavit, as the only option for unsealing his business claimed that all official documents pertaining to the property were duly vetted and stamped by the same ECTDA less than a year ago.
He expressed worries that he is being asked to apply for approval of a building plan of the property which has already been approved by the same office.
Deflating Mr. Okeke’s appeal for public pity, a senior staff of the Agency confided in that the structures at the lounge are illegal since they were not in line with the supposed approval he is parading.
“With all the documents he is parading on social media, this man has not been able to show any receipt or evidence of payment made to Enugu State Government.
“From what he parades, only one building was approved for him. But go there, you will see more than six buildings. So he built more than what was supposedly approved for him. One building approved but he has several structures there.
“And we agreed that he should provide a fresh architectural drawing of the property with all the structures on it within 7 days but he failed.”
The ECTDA official also noted that the club has continued to operate even after it was sealed by the government.


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