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Re-Ugwuanyi: What next after May 29? When the pocket thinks for a writer

By Chinonso Ugwu
The deliberate effort to blackmail the eight years administration of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is gradually being exposed.
It’s becoming clearer that the plan was well hatched and gradually injected into gullible minds such as the reporter of The Nation Newspaper one Damian Duruiheoma.
The reporter who appears, either to have been contracted for a hatchet job, or joining the band wagon cliche of “Ugwuanyi has not done anything” ended up exposing himself in a write up entitled Ugwuanyi: What next after May 29?
The gods may have led the writer by the nose when he stated inter alia, that … “…those who are in full support of the administration have continued to shower encomiums on the governor, saying that if not for Ugwuanyi, Enugu would have been like other Southeast states, such as Imo and Anambra in terms of insecurity.
He continues…
“Apart from the security and the atmosphere of peace in the state, which the governor initiated months after he came on board, the all-inclusive rural road infrastructure, inclusive governance, aggressive agro-industrialisation programme, absolute peace, security, social justice, social services, employment generation and several other people-oriented policies which he initiated during his eight years in office have acted as a boost to the Ugwuanyi-led administration.”It is noteworthy that these were captured under the Ugwuanyi administration’s four-point agenda unveiled during his first term in 2015. Since then, the Ugwuanyi administration’s presence and footprints prefaced virtually all the 450 autonomous communities, 17 local councils and the three senatorial zones.”

He continued on a voyage of reeling out some of the laudable achievements of UGWUANYI.

“…across the state, roads like Opi-Nsukka dual carriageway, Obechara Road Junction-Umuakashi Mechanic village-Ikenga Hotels Junction-Enugu Road Nsukka Junction and Umuezebi-Nru Junction have been completed. Others include an extension of Agbani-Afor Amurri Road, the extension of Ituku Road, the construction of Ogonogoeji- Ndi Akpugo Road (Atavu Bailey Bridge-Afor Onovo) the construction of the 42-metre span Bailey Bridge and road works across River Nyama to Amichi, linking Umuogo and Umuagba Amaechi Uno/ Obinagu community, all in Nkanu West Local Government.

“Of note is that the Agbani-Amurri Road was constructed for a community that has never witnessed any form of development or government presence on its land in the past 100 years. In the same vein, the Ogonogoeji-Ndiagu-Akpugo Road from Atavu Bailey Bridge to Afor Onovo is the first state government road in the entire Akpugo land since the creation of the Enugu State.

“Not left out is the popular and historic Milliken Hill Road, Ngwo, constructed in 1909, but was abandoned for several decades before Ugwuanyi’s administration reconstructed it with streetlights. The three-kilometre road is part of the 12-kilometre 9th Mile-Ekochin-Ngwo- Miliken Hill-New Market federal road, which the state government rehabilitated to serve as an alternative route for commuters and motorists plying Enugu-Onitsha Expressway. Also within the state capital, Ugwuanyi’s administration executed numerous road projects.

“The governor also left huge footprints in the health and education sectors among many other sectors where a lot was done to change the cause of the sectors in the state.”

Duruiheoma, couldn’t help but praise the good work of the same governor he set out to malign. Yet, the quest to earn some thousands in the current economic crunch, took the better part of his reasoning as he landed with an illogical conclusion. We were thought in logic that if the premise is true, the conclusion must be true. This theory is being challenged by this reporter who has bills to pay.

The reporter continued by reporting that “those who know him very well within the political circle, believe that given his brand of politics, Ugwuanyi will be far from retiring early in politics. This is because his politics are deliberately laced with negotiations and consultations to achieve his desired objectives. It is widely believed that people hardly say no to him because he does not make noise about his politics.He quoted one Petrus Obi, a political analyst and publisher of Everyday News, an online news platform, who said that Governor  Ugwuanyi performed creditably well and would be greatly missed by the people after May 29. Obi said that the governor brought governance to the doorsteps of the masses of Enugu State.

He said having worked as a journalist with several civilian governors and military administrators in the past, he can attest to the fact that Governor Ugwuanyi is different and surpasses the rest in character.

He said Ugwuanyi mostly worked for the development of rural communities. His words: “I’ve been in this job for a while. I’ve covered more than six governors, including two military administrators. And I must tell you that I have not seen somebody better.”

Obi added that despite the economic crunch and recession that dogged the Ugwuanyi’s administration, he made a significant impact in all sectors of the state’s economy through prudent management of resources.

He said: “I have not seen a man who brought governance to the doorsteps of the masses. Ugwuanyi has a place in history. I’m saying so because I have covered him for almost eight years. And I know that he came in at the time we were talking about bailout funds. He came out when there was a recession when you had to borrow money when you got bailout funds to pay salaries. Even at that, the man has done well in rural development, massively, which would be commended.

“Ugwuanyi lost an election and took it in good faith. When he leaves office, Enugu will miss him. Enugu will be missing a man who opens his doors; a man whom everybody has his phone number; a man you can call at any time.”

On what next for the governor after May 29 handover, Obi insisted that Ugwuanyi still has a lot to offer Enugu State and PDP at large because he would bounce back stronger. This, he added, is given the fact that Ugwuanyi succeeded in installing a successor in the last election.He said: “Definitely, Ugwuanyi will bounce back stronger. Given the kind of relationship that exists between the incoming governor, Peter Mbah and Ugwuanyi, I think the latter will remain a rallying point for Enugu politics. I say this because Enugu State doesn’t appear to have a political leader that can bring people together after the governor except for Ugwuanyi.

“Sullivan Chime was never there as a leader. Chimaraoke Nnamani remained there for some time but has crashed out politically. So long as the relationship I’m seeing with Peter Mbah succeeds, then, Ugwuanyi may be the leader you are looking at.”

The reporter, searched the entire Enugu, the only credible person to speak to was a frustrated Ray Nnaji who is not even happy with himself.

A man who has spent his time recently trying to run down his boss Senator Chimaroke Nnamani, a man who made him what he is.
In all, the events of the recently held elections are too clear to all. It doesn’t need analysis.
The emergence of Peter Obi and his Labour Party and it’s effects in the South East does not require a Duruiheoma to tell us why the PDP did badly in the Zone.
Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi must, however, receive kudos for putting up the fight that gave the party victory in the Governorship election.
Ugwuanyi is not a noise maker, but smooth operator. He remains and would remain a force in the politics of Enugu State beyond May 29. He cannot be wished away.


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