POEM: The voice of a monster – By May Utonwa Oji


As they say,

if you stare into the mirror long enough, paying attention to every single detail,
you’ll able to see the monster living within begging and screaming to burst out.
From body to soil riches flow,
gushing out like crude oil.
The politicians fetch in gallons
more than enough for him and his battalion.
He knows what he does for when asked why, you don’t bite the hand that feeds you is his
How long will we continue?
How long shall we hide?
Lying to this country,
pretending everything is all right.
Do we not see the mirrors
or do we not have the time?
To look deep into ourselves,
and reflect on what there lies
I won’t say were blind,
I won’t say we can see.
I’ll just say we’ve hit rock bottom too much, rock bottom loathes thee.
We preach about unity in diversity,
how about unity as a whole,
as a country.
Because that word ‘diversity

the same word that punches into us holes from bullets in which our taxes pay to buy. Killed by thy own sword.
Such an irony.
What is the point at this point?
Should we just give up and watch the story unfold,
where our future will taunt our present, leaving in death and misery?
Or should we do something
move something
because we have the power
and not waste time,
not let our dear nation sour?
Where the future will intrigue us, calling us, and we will once again stand shameless
amongst all other nations.
I am not here to give the solution to this country,
for frankly speaking, I have not.
I am just here to do the very best I can for my generation.
We have certainly not lost.
We are all a working body,
in need of all its parts.
This is a plea to everybody
to please play their part.
I am one of the monsters,
but I do not rumble and shout.
I am the warning monster.
The worst is yet to come out.
May desperation never be our downfall.

Let this humility not go wasted,
for pride, we have seen and tasted
led us nowhere, we almost faded.
Honestly, it’s time
Time for us to break that chain that has held us apart for way too long
It’s time
Time for us to sort out all our differences, to unite, and be a nation, so strong.
It’s time
Time for us to put pride aside, and every other thing, we know it’s wrong
It’s time for the revolution
Stand up as we sing our own nation’s song

By May Utonwa Oji

Graduate of Mea Mater Elizabeth High School, Enugu, Nigeria


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