Enugu Reps candidate to pay hospital bills for indigent patients

Chief Okeke touching the lives of Udi/Ezeagu through rural road rehabilitation

To know a beautiful girl, check her out in the morning before she takes her bath and makes up.

It’s also been established, that Christmas period, or festivities are not the best time to determine beauty, as every female tries to look her best.

In the same vein, philanthropists are born, they are not made. Thus, the real philanthropists have no time or season to show love to the masses.

Wilfred Okeke

One man therefore, stands out in the build up to the 2023 elections.

He is Chief Wilfred Okeke popularly known as Wilangy.

The Ezeagu born businessman is running for the Udi/Ezeagu House of Reps position in the platform of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA.

More than a month ago, he started road rehabilitation across the rural Communities in both Udi and Ezeagu. Not because he is running for election. No.

Even when he is not a career politician, and one who has never held a public office, Chief Okeke has been known with philanthropy.

Wilangy, as he is fondly called built an ultra modern Parish House for St, Peters Umumba Ndiagu, when politicians were busy taking care of their private pockets and welfare of their immediate families.

He also, from his private purse, bought an 18-Seater bus for St Peters Block rosary, Umumba Ndiagu.

Chief Okeke also has a Scholarship Scheme for indigent students. This scheme which is handled by his Foundation covers students from Udi and Ezeagu. It has also been extended to other parts of the State.

During a recent parley with the media in Enugu, the Reps candidate never wanted some of these philanthropy mentioned in the media insisting it’s his private life, but one will be doing the community a disservice if such efforts are not played up now that Nigerians are searching for the right people to make the much needed change.

Peter Obi’s ‘stinginess’ has become a virtue because Nigerians now know the truth and are ready to change their destiny.
It’s no longer the days of Ghana-must-go, but antecedents and track record of the candidate. Verify, Obi will always re-echo.

It’s time for the electorate in Udi/Ezeagu to verify, and know which candidate has the genuine desire to represent them. Which candidate has suddenly become friendly because there is election. Verify!

Chief Okeke during the interaction said he is very happy that PDP candidates are now forced to give a little in return to the masses.

Udi/Ezeagu he said, are now receiving democracy dividend as most rural roads abandoned for over 24 years are now receiving attention.

Recently at Ngwo, there was a mild drama as the PDP representatives in the area quickly mobilized a grader to work on the same road that has been with them for ages, just because the Chief Okeke’s heavy machines had arrived the community to commence rehabilitation on the road.

The spirit of emulation, Wilangy says, is better than jealousy.

It’s a good thing that our rural roads are now receiving attention.

“However, we will soon allow them to continue on road rehabilitation. Wilangy campaign organization is now introducing another strategy, we have written to UDI/EZEAGU Deanery to come up with names of those from our constituency that were discharged from hospital but cannot pay their bills, to enable us know how many we can be able to assist, irrespective of their religion or political parties.

Touching the lives of the people is our target and we have it well packaged. So, when PDP comes up to join us, we will introduce another package.We have six packages all targeted at the people. This is how we have chosen to campaign. Doing what we have always done.

He promised to roll out more people-oriented campaign strategies by January and February.

Beneficiaries must not vote for us

“It is not compulsory that those we assisted must vote us. Our foundation cares for humanity, it is not self enriching.

“Whenever we see smiles on the faces of our people, it gives us joy which cannot be quantified. Its value for us is bigger and more rewarding than winning election.

Asked if after all these expenses he loses the election, he smiled and said, “I am indebted to God. Coming from a very poor to get to this level; it’s only by His grace.

So, if I don’t win the election, I will still be thankful to God and continue my Charity duties which has lasted for years. I didn’t start because of poliitics, and I won’t stop because of politics. It’s my agreement with my God.

Chief Okeke advised his supporters to play by the rules and never engage in any form of foul play during the election.

He expressed the view that those that get into political offices through rigging and manipulations always have a sad story to tell.

“Winning or loosing election never disturbs me. My problem is how to make the society better. How to solve the current security issues. People are helpless, the masses are hungry, they fear for the unknown; these are my worries.”


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