Govt, Police silent, as unknown gunmen threaten to attack Enugu


Enugu State government as well as the State Police command and other security Agencies are yet to respond to a message from unknown gunmen threatening to attack the state.

The gunman

Enugu has remained one of the most peaceful states even in the face of recent rising insecurity in the country.

But the recent threat and a one week ultimatum to the Government is causing growing anxiety especially in the Nsukka area of the state.

The Unknown gunmen sent a video message to the Enugu State Government threatening to attack if soldiers were not withdrawn from Nsukka within one week.

In the video sent to the Local Government Chairman of Igboeze South, Hon Vitus Okechi, the unknown gunmen said they can no longer tolerate alleged killings by soldiers in Nsukka.

In the video, the gunman who covered his face, addressed one Vitus whom he identified as a local government Chairman somewhere in Nsukka.

The hoodlum was wielding two AK-47 riffles in both hands, with his face covered.

Hear him; “Vitus, Local Government Chairman somewhere in Nsukka.

“I am in Anambra State in my camp, Vitus, I am the commander in Anambra State as a whole. I got reports that you are the one bringing in soldiers into Nsukka. They have been killing my brothers and colleagues; your own brothers.

“From now to one week, we don’t want to see soldiers in Nsukka. Thank God you have seen how we operate, we are not afraid. Don’t say you were not warned.

“We are begging you but if you fail, we will do it by ourselves; we do it our way. You have been seeing it happen. Go to Anambra

“If you want to know who we are, chat us with this number with which we are sending this video. But remember, it’s one week.”


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