Enugu guber: Peter Mbah’s emergence divine, answer to the pains of Nkanu East -Ex LGA boss

Peter Mbah

Pastor Sam Iyiogwe, is a former Local Government Chairman and one of the outstanding performers during the Sullivan Chime Administration.

Iyiogwe would use every little opportunity to lament the sufferings and pains of his people of Nkanu East. Arguably one of the most backward Local Government Areas in Nigeria.

Yes, the people have lacked in social amenities and infrastructure. But there appear to be light at the end of the tunnel with the emergence of Peter Mbah as the PDP guber candidate for the 2023 general elections.
Hear him:



Q: How do you see the emergence of Peter Mbah as PDP guber candidate in Enugu?

Not only is he from my Local Government Area Nkanu East which has been the aspirations of many people from the State; he is also my kinsman. So, I can only be grateful to God; I am happy, I am excited and thankful to God because it came at the best time, due to the sufferings and pains of the people of Nkanu East LGA.

I’m also grateful to Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi who is the head and leader of our Party in State. In Enugu, just like most States you don’t talk about anyone emerging without the blessings of the sitting governor, no matter the position. Governor Ugwuanyi has a way of managing the political system and for that, we are thankful to him, even the dead ones are grateful to God and to everyone that contributed in any way to make it possible.

I’m also thankful to the distinguished Senator and former Governor Dr. Chimaraoke Nnamani. A great Nkanu son. A man who does not pretend, but believes in what he wants to do and achieve. I’m thankful to him and the leaders of the PDP in the state for the support they gave to Barrister Peter Mbah from Nkanu East.

Q: What are his chances and what do you expect from him?

Peter didn’t emerge because he is the strongest candidate, the richest or the best politician, no.
There are things people don’t know about Peter Mbah. He is a very calm person, he is articulate and well organized. You see him look calm and humble, but he is a very bold person. His boldness is what brought him to limelight.
His bold actions brought him close to the then Governor, Chimaraoke Nnamani: a man that appreciates hardwork; a man that appreciates fearless people, committed and faithful in Service. That was what brought him close to the then governor. And I want to say that what brings favour to a man is faithfulness in service.
He was made Chief of Staff, then Commissioner for Finance and I believe he served very well, that sold him to the heart of his master then, His Excellency Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani and that relationship was kept up till now and I respect him for that.
That his humility, commitment, faithfulness in service is exactly what we are celebrating today, for him emerging the PDP guber candidate. And I believe Peter came into politics not because he was looking for employment, or looking for food but for solutions to the sufferings of our people, particularly then, the Idodo-zone which later translated to Nkanu East and Enugu State.

Going to our place then, from Amechi-Idodo to Owo, Ubahu to Amankanu, your suffering start from the Enugu/Abakaliki express way ie from Owo junction. And that is how it is in the entire Nkanu East.

I said it earlier in an interview that even if Nkanu East produces the governor for 16 years, we will still have so much to do.
As a Council Chairman I presented our case to former governor Sullivan Chime and Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to identify the area as the most backward in infrastructure. I was bold and fearless to do that because I was able to put something on the ground and I am proud of it. I did my best and if I wasn’t doing anything I won’t be able to let the government know our sufferings.
Having said this, his chances of winning are very bright by the grace of God and with the support of the Governor, the PDP family and the good people of the state. I expect a landslide victory. I believe PDP, we have tried for Enugu state. I believe we have the support of Enugu people. We have not done everything, but systematically there has been a transformation of the state.

Chimaroke Nnamani

Bear in mind that coming from the private sector, Peter understands how money is used; how to multiply money, the value for money and essence of avoiding wastage which is one of the problems with our Political Leaders.

I will categorically tell you that Peter Mbah came prepared for this assignments for our State.
Before now he had demonstrated his leadership capacity and understanding of good governnace.
The evidence is that in 2018, the Peter Mbah Foundation paid for a NEEDS Assessment Study which was carried out by a group of Research Consultants in some selected Rural Communities in Enugu state to find out the development status of each community in order to know the best development intervention and programs needed in each of the communities.
The Pilot Study was done with the involvement of the the Traditional Rulers, PGs, Women leaders, Youth leaders and other stakeholders. These were the people that gave information about the economic/ poverty status of their communities in the State. He also networked with many Church Leaders of our State for years now where he pledged to them of his sincerity to lead the State if given the chance. He will not take them for granted because he will not deceive God. With all these things at his disposal, he is coming for serious infrastructural provisions and transformations with Human Developments and Economic Empowerment.
So he came prepared, he is committed and I am sure he is going to win.

We are begging our brothers contesting to give Peter Mbah their support


On behalf of Nkanu East, let me beg our brothers, especially from Nkanu West, High Chief Uche Nnaji, my brother and friend Chief Frank Nweke Jnr, and my dear brother Chief Chijioke Edeoga, that they should have a review and consideration of what they have benefitted from the PDP, especially Edeoga and Frank Nweke and have a review of the pains of Nkanu East people. I expect them to say, Nkanu East you deserve something good. Let us not do things as if we cannot agree as a politcial zone. I know it’s political aspiration, and one may have been injured one way or the other, but I appeal to them to look at the pain of Nkanu East. Let them allow us have a taste of governnace. Let them do a turnaround and support Peter Mbah. Whatever they do to support him is a support to the entire Nkanu East and Enugu State.

Today in so many places people cannot go to their homes, we lack so much in infrastructure in Nkanu East and I know Peter is going there to showcase what he has to offer. I am sure he will carry everyone along; I am sure he is going to represent the interest of every LGA, I am sure he is going to represent excellent governance.

Q: Are you afraid of the threat posed by Labour Party and the unity of youths for change?

The PDP candidate Barr. Peter Mbah is also a youth. So, I believe the youths will also give him their support. These are the kind of people we want. You see the criticisms against certain candidates especially for the Presidency, it’s the opposite of what Peter represents. Nothing stops the party leaders from bringing an older politician as a candidate, but, the governor and party elders in their wisdom picked a youth. And I know that part of Peter’s agenda is youth development and empowerment. They will see it during his campaign, he is an IT man who may bring his laptop to the field and show people what he will do. This is going to be a government for youths promotion, youths transformation and youths empowerment.

Q: Were you surprised that Chijioke Edeoga left the PDP?

I’m not in support of that. Edeoga is sound; he is a good man just like everyone that contested during the Primary elections, but in every race somebody will be a winner. You don’t have to leave your house because you failed to win at that particular time. All these things are ordained by God. From the beginning my prayers have always been, ‘God choose a person for yourself that will work for our State and make our people happy.’ So no matter what we do, the will of God must come to pass. Being part of the inner family, he shouldn’t have left because of personal interest. He is one of those that have benefitted from the party and from the government of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. I expected him to give support to his brother and friend Governor Ugwuanyi to finish well and hand over peacefully. We should always bear in mind when we are going into any race that someone must win and it must not be us. I have always advised people who are afraid of failing a contest not to indicate interest for the contest because someone must fail.

I appeal to him to come back so we can put hands together to get this job done.

Ekweremadu travails in UK

I am deeply saddened. He is a man who has been a blessing to Nigeria and to Enugu West senatorial zone and the state. In life there are always challenging and trial periods.
What has happened is a keen desire to save the life of their daughter, a daughter of Enugu State, a daughter of Igbo land. It’s something all of us should put them in prayers; for God to Intervene with mercies. I appeal to every Enugu person to put him and the family in prayers; as there’s no part of human body that God cannot heal or at best replace and as such He can perfect the girl miraculously.
The ordeal of this nature should be a serious wake up call to every Nigerian especially all of us in the positions of Authority to ensure that all Sectors of our Nation are Restructured and transformed. There is no reason why we should not have efficient and quality Health, Educational, and Infrastructural Systems. Even Petroleum Products are being imported from Niger Republic. The Insecurity in our nation is man made. What does it take us to develop good Police Force. Why can’t we fund them adequately and make them to be independent; free from political manipulation. There are so many people languishing in prisons and police cells for offences that they didn’t commit. Many unfortunate ones have equally been killed for nothing because of abuse of security agents. Tribal and religious sentiments are the ruling factors in our nation’s security systems. As a nation, we must wake up because we have all the necessary resources and man power to make Nigeria great again.


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