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Presidential election not a ‘tea party’, Obi cannot win – Jim Nwobodo



Elder statesman and former Governor of old Anambra State Senator Jim Nwobodo has described Mr. Peter Obi’s efforts to win the Presidential election as efforts in futility.

In an interview published in Vanguard Jim said he was sad that Obi left the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

“Of course, I was very sad. I called him and said why did you leave the PDP? He said one or two things happened and I said no, he should have waited for me. He should have spoken with me, I would have advised him not to leave.

“The beauty of politics is being able to absorb, at times insults, you absorb but you have your eyes on the ball. I blame him for going. He should never have left because if Obi were there, Atiku will have no problem in picking him as his vice.

Q: But he has emerged to contest against Atiku from Labour Party…?

As I have told you, in every country where democracy is practised, there are always two important parties. In America, Republican and Democrats, in Britain, it’s Labour and Conservatives. In Nigeria, it’s PDP and APC. So, tell me, in all these countries that I have mentioned, when somebody from another smaller party came and became the president?

Q: But the younger generation of Nigerians are actually craving for a change, to change the narrative…

No. You see, the younger Nigerians have not been in the game and they want to change the narrative. Do they know all the intrigues in getting a president? Talking about president is not a tea party. It is something very important, that is somebody who can handle all the troubles, all the problems of Nigeria. We need experience. There is nothing like experience and this man called Atiku has gotten the experience and I have no doubt that he was going to win and he won and I am happy that he won. And he is going to win; nobody is going to beat him.’


  1. Mr. Jim Nwobodo should hide his head in shame. This is 21st century and computer age. Britain & America he used as examples are total mismatch! How can he allowed himself to be used against his kin’s man? He will be very surprised that HISTORY will be made and Nigeria will become a phinominon that will be studied by the whole world. The old narrative will be changed this time around and those like Jim that doesn’t believe in “CHANGE” will be left in the dark when “Change finally Changes” without him!


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