N300m in personal account: Questions about Probe in Enugu Ministry of Lands

It was shocking when the grape vine revealed the startling discovery of over N300 million cash in a personal account of one of the Directors in the Enugu Ministry of Lands.

The fraud in the Ministry overflowed and exploded leading to the resignation of former Commissioner Victor Nnam.

The fat account does not in any form represent the salary of a civil servant, not even a permanent secretary

It is also separate from landed property and several other assets which has been put at over N1 billion.

As exciting and interesting as the discovery may be, the public are worried and uncomfortable as Information has become scarce on the goings on and the hyped issue of probing the Ministry.

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Several questions have continued to search for answers. They include: Was a probe panel set up? Is there any probe going on? If not why?

Lots of scam were alleged in the Lands Ministry; hopes were raised but nothing seem to be happening.

The former Commissioner made some insinuations in his letter of resignation when he alleged that some of his staff were being victimized for doing their jobs diligently.

Such claims needs to be cleared.

Also recently some portions of land taken from their owners were returned to the rightful owners.

This is a matter that went public and the people shouldn’t be kept in the dark. The ought to know how the issues are settled.

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