Scam in Enugu Ministry of Lands exposed as ex LG Chairman narrates ordeal

The rot in Enugu Ministry of Lands has been exposed .

One of the victims of the sharp practices involving top personnel and former Chairman of Ezeagu LGA Chief Chukwudi Ezinwa narrated his experience.

Speaking to newsmen, Chief Ezinwa said he was pushed to address the press conference to tell the world and the governor “whom I am serving what is happening in the Ministry of Lands.

“I have done my best not to go public but I think that is the only way the governor will know what is happening in the ministry of lands. He is not a spirit, there is no way I can blame the governor over what is happening in the ministry of land. Somebody is responsible and someone should be held responsible.

“I bought a land in 2008, precisely January from a man who got allocation from  the ministry, signed by Deacon Okey Ogbodo, then the commissioner for lands.

“Ogbodo confirmed the status of the Land as genuine and instructed that I should go ahead and start developing, and I accepted.

“I  went to the ministry, they took me and showed me the site and I developed the land. I fenced the place, erected a structure, a four bedroom apartment with parlour. I also built a security house and a fish pond.

“But, since I assumed ownership of that land, any day I apply for the process of my documents, it will disappear in the Ministry.

“When I wait for a while I won’t hear anything. When I go to commissioner he will tell me that he didn’t see my documents. I will apply again and the same application will go missing.

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” I didn’t suspect anything because I had already developed the land and nobody was disturbing me.

“After my tenure as chairman, I decided to follow up and I applied again for processing of my certificate of occupancy, but it got missing again. I went back to see the commissioner myself and after explaining the whole matter to him, he searched for the application and said  he didn’t see it.

“He asked me to bring my acknowledgement copy which I did and he minuted on the photocopy and they started looking for my file. At the end they said they didn’t see my file.

“I went to the bank and paid money and applied for search. Behold, they wanted to withhold the search, but for the intervention of someone in the ministry.

“Finally they gave me the report of the search and behold my land which I developed in 2009 had been allotted to someone else with C-of-O, in 2014. I looked at the search and went back to the commissioner and complained through a very senior person in government.

“The commissioner instructed me to write a petition over what transpired on the land and I did. I wrote the petition on May 26 2021 and up till today the commissioner for lands has not called me to come for the petition.

” I went to the commissioner’s office, behold the same petition got missing again and he asked me to go and bring my acknowledgement copy. I brought it and he minuted on it. I pleaded with him that I have had several issues of missing documents in this ministry.

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“He gave the petition to his PA and we went together to the Director of Lands, Ngwu Chinyere, and told her that the commissioner said she should investigate the matter and get back to him in the shortest possible time.

“I pleaded with the woman to do the needful because I have been having the same problem on this land for over 15 years; she said okay and asked me to come the following day.

“I went to her office the next day and she directed me to one Ifeoma whom she said will look into the matter.

“Ifeoma said I should come back in two days time.

“When I returned,  she said I should take her to the site and I took her and showed her my property and she saw all the development in my property. She asked if I was the one that that did all that and I said yes. She then said that I should give her time to do her report, I accepted.

“When I came back she told me she had sent her report to the Director.

” I told her that I wasn’t comfortable with that as she has not concluded her investigations.

‘I told her that already the search I’m having shows that another person is in my property with a C of O, that I expected her to invite both of us and ask questions.

“I told her that she couldn’t have concluded her report without inviting both of us. But she told me that she had given the file to her director that I should go and see the director.

The director told me that someone already has a C-of-O on the land. I asked her what that meant and she looked at my profile and said that my file is fake.

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” I asked her what she was up to and vowed that the governor who all of us are serving will hear this.

” I told her the she must explain and prove how the fake file got to her table and who faked it.

“I decided to go public not to ridicule the government I am serving but to put our dear governor on notice.

‘I tried my best to meet with the commissioner, I called him severally but wouldn’tbtake my calls. I sent him several text messages but he didn’t respond.

“I reasoned that if this could happen to me a serving person under this administration, then other people who don’t have the opportunity would be going through hell.

“My take is that the governor should look into this matter and get the ministry of land sanitized because I know he is a very peaceful man with a mind of an eagle that wouldn’t want to stain himself in this racketing in the ministry of land.

“Somebody had pointed accusing fingers at the Director, but I didn’t want to believe it. But for her to say that my file is fake, I am beginning to be convinced that whatever happens to my land, she is aware of it.”

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