2023: Enugu Stakeholders hand Ugwuanyi the Carte blanche to name his successor


By Hon John Egbo

The political titans, gladiators and other Stakeholders of the three Senatorial districts of Enugu state had organized mega rallies that cut across the political divides and overwhelmingly endorsed H.E. Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi as a performing governor with a strong legacy of providing the State with a first class security and nurturing peace among all Stakeholders.

This encomium goes to position the Governor with a unique attribute and uncommon mantra as a peace builder whose physical appearance and belief in God makes him a perfect pacifist. The magic of Ugwuanyi has to do with the fact that he had a blueprint that upon his assumption of office, he clearly understood that he is the Governor of everyone not just for PDP members of the State.
This approach endeared him to members of all political parties in the state coupled with his ability to personally resolve conflicts in communities and between political gladiators when it becomes necessary. The arranged meeting between H.E. Senator Chimaroke Nnamani and H.E. Sullivan I. Chime, both are his predecessors and former governors of Enugu State was historic and endearing.
The age long communal conflict between Umuode and Oruku communities defied previous administrations but his magic mediation touch brought it to an end. This is just to mention but a few high profile peaceful interventions by the Governor that yielded positive results.
Then came the era of mega rallies organized in the three Senatorial districts of Enugu State. The first rally code named “Odinma Nsukka” was organized by the Enugu North Senatorial District Stakeholders and attended by political titans, gladiators and other Stakeholders from the zone with the sole purpose of endorsing the Governor’s performance as well as requesting the Governor to support the zone to producing his successor in 2023.

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The logic was derived from the old Senatorial districts when Enugu State was part of the old Anambra State thereby insisting that the zone had produced only 2 governors while old Enugu zone had 3. The consensus and resolution reached at the Odinma Nsukka gathering sparked off what has become trend setting rallies in the state since its creation in 1991.

Enugu East Senatorial District political titans, gladiators and super Stakeholders wasted no time in convening a special meeting where they resolved to organize their own Rally with the clear objective of letting the Governor of Enugu State, Rt.Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and all political players in the State know that the current political dispensation started in 1999 and the Governorship of Enugu State would have gone around the three Senatorial districts at the end of 2023. Therefore, the rotational template should restart with Enugu East Senatorial district in 2023 when Governor Ugwuanyi’s 2nd term in office would have come to an end. The Enugu East Senatorial District rally was code named OGANIRU Enugu East Senatorial District Rally and it lived up to the expectations of the organizers and beyond. In fact, it became the mother of all mega rallies ever held in the state.
The performance of the Governor was applauded in addition to clearly stating that 2023 is their legitimate turn to produce Ugwuanyi’s successor. Leadership of APC in the State also made it clear at the Rally that they have zoned their Governorship position in 2023 to Enugu East Senatorial Distruct. Another important resolution of the Rally was the overwhelming confidence reposed on the Governor’s performance as well as giving the Governor complete freedom to choose his successor from Enugu East Senatorial District.
Then came the Enugu West Senatorial District political titans and gladiators, who would not allow themselves to be outdone by the other zones. Their super Stakeholders met and resolved to organize their own Rally that was code named Ifemelumma Enugu West Unity Rally. The rally turned out to be a mega rally indeed and superseded the expectations of the organizers and watchers alike. Even though, the weather was wet on the day of the event, it didn’t stop the Convener of the Rally from presenting clear statement of facts that rotational arrangement was in fact agreed upon and documented by the PDP Caucus meeting held on 7th July, 2013. The minutes of the PDP Caucus meeting was presented with the motion and its amendments read at the Rally which indicated that after the turn of Enugu North in 2023 that it will become the turn of Enugu East Senatorial District to produce the governor of Enugu State. Even though at the start of the present political dispensation in 1999, aspirants from different zones had contested for the State PDP Governorship primary election, Enugu East eventually produced the Governor of Enugu State in 1999 and the rotation of the Governorship has peacefully and seamlessly gone to Enugu West and presently with Enugu North Senatorial district.

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The understanding that the Governorship of Enugu State should rotate between the three Senatorial districts of the state has become embedded in the mindsets of all political players and so has it been since the state has remained under the PDP leadership. Furthermore, they heralded the performance of the Governor in addition to giving him the complete freedom being the carte blanche to select his successor from Enugu East Senatorial District in 2023. Case closed.

The magic of Governor Ugwuanyi continues to break new grounds both in keeping Enugu peaceful, secure, infrastructural development of Rural areas that are often neglected coupled with maga rallies that overwhelmingly seeded their right to the Governor to select his successor from Enugu East Senatorial District in 2023. This will not be the 1st time former governors have anointed their successors but it does mark the first time, political gladiators, titans and super Stakeholders have given a sitting Governor Carte blanche to nominate his successor in mega rallies held at the three Senatorial districts.

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The burden is a heavy one knowing fully well that in the fullness of time, the Governor will consult widely and ensure that his successor has the withal, clout, requiste administrative experience, education, public confidence and acceptance like he was in 2013 to carry all the Senatorial districts. The Governor’s work is cut out for him while Enugu people eargerly await the political season and who the cap will fit.

Hon. John Egbo, PhD Deputy Sheriff, rtd. Consultant on Security Matters and Public Affairs Analyst.

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