Rt. Hon. Kizito Awalu’s Birthday: Celebrating a Colossal Gift to Humanity

By Dr. Udeh Charles.

Rt. Hon Kizito

His name has gained credence as a household name. His soft spot for humanity is a distinctive characteristic that has continued to serve as a centre of attraction. He prefers to walk extra-miles just to make a better place for humanity and assures of hope where it is fading. That’s all we should live for. To go out of our way to make others comfortable and show them the Christ-like in us.

If there’s one thing many of us find worthy about Hon. Kizito Awalu; it is his penchant for selfless services wherever he finds himself. His focus and determination to serve and give back to society genuinely makes him distinctly outstanding from his contemporaries. He goes about doing good without complaining, grudging or feigning exhausted. That’s a true definition of selfless service to God and humanity. It is enshrined in the divine injunction of “love your neighbour I’ve loved you, and love your neighbour as I you love yourself”.

It is this drive for service that accounted for his meaningful and impactful records while serving as an elected Councillor representing GRA Ward 7 in Enugu North LGA in 2007. We all saw a lawmaker who was able to grade over 3.5 kilometers Golf Estate axis in oerder to ease the plight of his constituents. We saw a man who personally organised and funded several medical outreaches beyond his ward. We saw a tireless youth who empowered his people through funding of entrepreneurial workshops and distribution of required machines and equipment for start-up businesses.

I once had the opportunity to visit Parklane and inspect some of the common rooms refurbished and furnished for the students of the College of Medicine by Hon. Kizito, all in a determined effort to institutionalise the dividends of democracy in his constituency. Coincidentally, as Nigeria celebrates Democracy Day, his birthday becomes a match which also affords us the opportunity to celebrate him as catalyst of democracy dividends and good governance. Kizito’s zeal and genuine passion to touch lives in no small measure is what many are lacking today. His brand of passion to give voice to those without voice, walk for those without legs and give to those with none is rare in our society. This is the passion to give back to the society. The drive to make the world a better place for humanity to live, and thrive and for love to be the focal force binding us together.

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Perhaps, it’s this plethora of evidence that could have spurred His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Enugu State, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, to consider Kizito a useful asset for his administration. Serving as a Special Assistant on Public Enlightenment has further supported our proposition that the humanity in Kizito will continue to play a major role in putting smiles on the faces of people.

He saw this call as another opportunity to extend his frontier of laudable works, and write his name in the hearts of men. I’ve seen him visited hospitals to shoulder the medical bills of the poor and awarded scholarship to indigent members of the society. To him, he was called to do it. It’s a natural flair and gift from the Almighty God. In terms of giving to the society, Kizito has distinguished himself and expanded his sphere of influence.

On his assigned functions to the state and public service, Rt. Hon. Kizito has always proved to be up to the task. He has proven that he came prepared for the job. We are all witnesses to how he was able to turn around the face of public enlightenment. The reinvigoration. The reawakening. The dexterous and adroit navigation of the state, creating awareness, wooing investors to the state and showcasing the serene, business-friendly and the touristic aesthetics of the state through the Enugu Update Magazine is a hope that with him in the political space, the state will continue to generate huge revenue. This is a testimony to the revolution that has taken place since he assumed office. We hear the jingles play every day. We listen to the programmes of the government. We’re taken through the mental voyage of the impressive and massive achievements recorded by Governor Ugwuanyi in the past five years. We’re convinced that keying into the programmes of the state is for the benefit and interests of all.

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Indeed, every Enugu indigene has a perception of a stakeholder in the state. This was made possible through the public education and sensitisation programmes from the Public Enlightenment Unit. Everyone is, today, striving to protect and preserve government’s properties since they are convinced they are all parts of the government. That’s fascinating. Isn’t it? That is the power of mass education. That the influence of administrative competency. It’s not surprising that Kizito was honoured as a Fellow, Corporate Institute of Administration by the revered academic body. This was in recognition of his administrative dexterity in governance.

Recently, the monstrous COVID-19 broke out from nowhere. There was untold hardship caused by it. But just like his boss, Governor Ugwuanyi, who has been reaching the different segments of the state with reliefs, Kizito too has to key into this philosophy and took it upon himself to play his own part in fighting the pandemic. The frequently food distribution and other relief materials. The thousands of quality face masks. The paste and hands sanitizer, the soap and other palliative measures were all the positive impacts that have been enthroned. Even with the post-covid 19 era gradually creeping in, Kizito did not relent in doing what he knows best to do.

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Dear Rt. Hon. Kizito Awalu, Chinemezie 1 of Awalu Kingdom, I want to inform you that you have done well, and we strongly believe you still have places to go. You’ve been a light for the youth. We appreciate your large heart for humanity. Thank you for putting humanity first in all you do. Thank you for contributing immensely to the cleanliness of Enugu State. Through your team, we are happy the state is neat, sharp and clean.

Today, we are bold to say that we have humanity in you. We are confident in your capacity to deliver effectively and efficiently. We are happy for the gift of life. We are happy that you’re a rare gift God has given to humanity. We can only pray and ask God to continue His blessings, protection and grace over you and your family as you add another wonderful year to your age. You’re, indeed, a rare genius and a special gift to mankind. Happy Birthday. Congratulations and best wishes.

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