2023: APC not ready to let go of power-Ray Nnaji…alleges plot to rig election


A stalwart of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, from Enugu State Bart Ray Nnaji has alleged that the All Progressive Congress, APC, are not ready to let go of power in 2023.

In an exclusive chat with Everyday News in Enugu Barr. Nnaji, a former National auditor of the PDP also expressed worry with the insecurity in the country.

He said, “The annoying aspect and the danger in it is that APC is not even ready to leave power; they are plotting to rig 2023 election. Why do I say so. Up till now the Electoral Act has not been ammended to make room for things that will make election to be free and fair.

“It has not been ammended. And that’s why I give kudos to Akwa Ibom governor Emmanuel Udom who said that the most important thing apart from constitution amendment is amendment of the electoral act. Ammend the electoral act first before talking of constitution ammendmen. And nobody has addressed it.

“It is the electoral act that will produce credible leaders in 2023. Up till now…they are interested in constitution ammendment which will end up on the table of the president and he will decide what to do. Because there may be one clause or two that may delay his assent.

“And when he brings it back…like the Senate President has said, ‘whatever the President brings he must get approval from the Senate. You see the kind of National Assembly we have now. So, things are very bad. It’s only prayers that can help us to move God’s mind to find solution to our problems.

On insecurity he said; “I am totally worried. Let me be frank with you. In 2015 when Buhari was coming in, I am in PDP but I believed he would do better than the former president. Without realizing that as at the time we knew him in 1983 he wasn’t the man in charge. I can now find the reason why IBB succeeded in his overthrow.

“Because they lured Tunde Idiagbon out to Saudi Arabia before the coup. Because they knew that with Idiagbon they couldn’t have succeeded. And that is what is playing out now. The man has told us that we made a very big mistake in 2015 to have even had sympathy. I didn’t vote for him but I had sympathy because I believed he would tackle the issue of insecurity in the North.

“But it became worse. What we had then was Boko Haram only. But now we have banditary, kidnapping, all forms of social vices have been introduced. And I wonder when I see people move from PDP to APC. What is the motivating factor.? I don’t see any because the rating of APC is below 50%.

“They are not impressing anybody. Look at the naira; it was at N150, now it’s about N402 to a dollar. Inflation has increased; unemployment has increased; everyday strike here and there.Today lawyers are at home because all over the country Judicial staff are onnsyrike, parliamentary staff are on strike. This is an APC government that is supposed to bring change but what we are getting is negative change; we are all regretting.


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