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Tension in Enugu as Bishop Onaga suspends Mbaka, closes Adoration Ministry

The Catholic Church in Enugu are impatiently awaiting the response of Adoration faithful as Bishop Callistus Onaga makes good his threat to suspend Fr. Ejike Mbaka.

The bishop has also shut down the Adoration Ministry even as information alleges plan to banish him to Rome.

The fiery Enugu priest has also been ordered out of his house at the Adoration ground.

The Adorationers had last Wednesday shutdown Enugu in protest forcing the Bishop to release Mbaka from hostage to calm the situation.

Without any clear statement on Mbaka’s sin and daring whatever consequences his decisions may cause, in an already charged atmosphere, the bishop has proceeded to suspend the man of God.

This time he decided to adopt the pattern earlier suggested by Mbaka himself who announced that he was proceeding on a one-month private prayer retreat.

It read: “Our Spiritual Director, Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka wishes to inform his beloved adorers that he has embarked on a private prayer retreat that will end on 10th June 2021.

“Consequently, no ministry activities shall be held in the ministry ground pending his return.

“He directs that members of the ministry are to observe this period of his retreat as they used to do during the usual January breaks of the ministry, by praying at their homes, being charitable and fasting according to their ability. Adoration! Holy Spirit is our Power.”

Mbaka’s followers believe he is being victimized for his towering image and miracles above his colleagues.

Few years ago he was punitively transferred from Christ the Kings Parish GRA Enugu, to an obscure Church in Emene, where he was given only one room to stay.

Mbaka was left with no choice than find a place to squat in town while he commenced the development of the bushy Adoration Ministry where he remained until now.

Two governor’s in the South East have been fingered in Mbaka’s present travails.

  1. It’s such a pity that laymen, some of whom are not even christians, talk more of Catholics, would hurry to presume to love a reverend father more than the church.
    Tell me, what is punitive posting? Those who volunteer to serve the Catholic church as priests do so knowing it is a life of endless sacrifices. To be allowed to choose and pick what and where a priest should serve would mean acquiescence to carnal considerations.
    The bishop is the chief shepherd in his diocese and only him assigns priest to duties as he reasonably deems important to do the work of the church.
    These insinuations of rift between the Bishop of Enugu diocese and Fr. Mbaka amounts to crisis courting. I only hope that Fr. Mbaka will be wise enough not to allow himself to be goaded into avoidable collision with the church hierarchy by those who have no stakes in the church other than the miracles they seek.
    As for the press, we will be better off dealing with facts rather than the innuendos and injection of opinions that now characterize news writing.


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