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2023: Zoning won’t determine Enugu governor – APC

The Enugu State Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Dr Ben Nwoye, has raised concerns that politicians particularly from the northern senatorial district of the state are stoking political tensions.

He also said that the next governorship of the state will not be based on zoning and sub-ethnic origin, but on competence, capacity and a clear-cut programme that would better the lot of the people.

Alluding to a recent large gathering of politicians from the Enugu North Senatorial District, where speakers, including Senator Chuka Utazi, boasted that the people of Nsukka would retain the governorship in 2023 after their son, Ugwuanyi’s, tenure, the state APC chairman said that such assertions are a careless statement capable of triggering crisis in the state.

He described the staging of open campaigns in the state in the guise of cultural symposia and mini-rallies against the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) guidelines as an aberration.

He warned leaders from the Nsukka zone to desist from making divisive and inflammatory statements capable of defining Governor Ugwuanyi as a clannish leader and not governor of all sections of the state.

According to him, the average Enugu native is worried about good governance and how to survive the hard times and not really about who becomes governor in 2023. The said the preoccupation of political leaders in the state at every level should be providing Enugu people access to good leadership and democracy dividends.

‘We have a responsibility to understand as politicians and leaders that when somebody has been elected, he should be allowed the air space to run their government. So, those who have political ambitions, no matter how big or small; have to learn to exercise patience. Our constitutional democracy recommends four years; the same constitution allows INEC to take charge as to when electioneering commences. So, it would be a breach of the electoral law for people to launch campaign under any guise of sociocultural group symposia or mini-rallies because our system is a product of law,’ he stated.

He advised those ganging up in the name of cultural zone to instead produce their programmes and present them to the people of Enugu in 2023, saying it is they who would decide who governs them at the appropriate time.



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