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The Enugu government has implemented 1,355 school projects in 17 LGAs

… Says the Aguobia-Nomeh school, others already captured for the intervention in the next phase

The administration of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State said it has carried out 1,355 verifiable projects in various elementary and secondary schools in the state’s 17 local government areas, under the State Board of Universal Basic Education (ENSUBEB) and the Board of Post Elementary School Administration (PPSMB), in line with its vision of improving the learning conditions of students.

The state government revealed that, in addition to hiring 7,030 elementary and middle school teachers, it purchased and distributed more than 48,000 classroom furniture and other learning tools for schoolchildren and their teachers across the state.

The Ugwuanyi administration also revealed that it supplied and installed computers in 490 primary and secondary schools; scientific equipment to 151 secondary schools, and construction and renovation of classrooms, offices and shelters, among others, under the PPSMB.

Speaking about the recent call for urgent classroom repairs in Aguobia-Nomeh community secondary and secondary school in Nkanu East LGA, ENSUBEB President Chief Ikeje Asogwa stated that although six school projects have been carried out successfully carried out in the Nomeh community, Aguobia -Nomeh Community High School is currently reflected in the action plan of the projects that the state government will undertake this season ”.

The ENSUBEB president listed the school projects implemented in the Nomeh community to include “the reconstruction of 12 blocks of classrooms at Station Nomeh Elementary School, which was carried out in two phases; construction of 3 classroom blocks with an office at CPS Nomeh; construction of 3 classroom blocks and an office at St Patrick Nomeh Elementary School; and construction of 4 classroom blocks at Onuode Elementary School, Nomeh.

Chief Asogwa revealed that despite the deteriorating educational infrastructure, the current administration met on the ground early in 2015, “the Enugu state government in collaboration with the Abuja Universal Basic Education Commission, through ENSUBEB, has transformed the education sector in the state and improved the quality of learning, the enabling environment and productivity.

“To ensure quality teaching, the state government made sure that all newly built or renovated schools were fully equipped with chairs and lockers for students; tables and chairs for teachers; markers and ceiling fans; instructional materials / teacher’s guide; sports equipment, among others ”, he said.

Noting that he recently led a team on an inspection tour of different schools in the state of Enugu on a fact-finding mission to improve the production of teaching and learning, the president of ENSUBEB assured the people of the state that his findings and recommendations are they are following to the letter. .



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