Anambra 2021: God told me I’ll be governor, says APC aspirant

An All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship aspirant in Anambra State, Chidozie Nwankwo, suggested on Monday that God has a hand in his motivation to become the next governor of the state come November, citing ‘divine revelation’.

Nwankwo told reporters in Abuja that the Almighty has instructed him to run for elected office, with heavenly assurance and backing that victory is assured.

‘No one would have convinced me to run for any elective position in Nigeria because God has helped me to be successful in my business over 35 years. However, I have rendered support, financially and otherwise, to people who had aspired for the position in the past,’ the governorship aspirant said.

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‘God called me to run for this post and He has assured me of victory. If it’s not for the betterment of the people and to create a promising future for the state, I won’t be involved in it.

‘God has a way of talking to me in everything I have ever done over the years, and this will not be an exception. God instructed me to contest for the position, and I resisted the call several times because I thought I was busy and my family needed me more. But, as time went by, God opened my eyes to why He asked me to join the race.

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‘My son has taken over the management of my chain of businesses after I groomed him for five years. I thought it’s a good time to return to my state and use my years of experience to manage and run Anambra state. All I have done in this life is through divine revelation.

‘When God showed me His plan for me, I asked Him why He was asking me to do this, having blessed me with all I needed to have a better life. I have a flourishing business making impact across the world. But God said to me: “you have what it takes to make Anambra sSate better. Besides, you have been supporting politicians all these years, it’s your turn this time”.

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‘God told me that Anambra State will be used as a template for Nigeria’s development. Soon, other states would be coming to Anambra to understudy the governance system. I will set a record that would make other states to visit and make Anambra a case study. That’s my motivation for going into governance. Our people thought they are doing well but, in my own assessment, they are still behind in so many things,’ Nwankwo said, urging public support for his quest to transform the state through quality leadership.

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