Ex Gov’s pension bill an effort to impoverish Enugu state- CNPP


Conference of Nigeria Political Parties, CNPP, has condemned the bill on “Life Pension for Ex Governors and Deputies” which passed its first reading last week at the Enugu House of Assembly.

The bill has been trailed by outrage from the people and has been widely condemned.

In a statement made available to the media Enugu Chapter of the CNPP said “if the Assembly members know why they were elected, such a bill should not be entertained.

” The bill is a clear road to impoverishing the state by making the rich become super rich while the Citizens continue to wallow in abject poverty.

The statement noted that the Assembly “ought to have concentrated on the perennial water problem in the state and completion of the water facility reticulation started by the Sullivan Administration to save the masses from dehydration.”

Signed by the Chairman Hon Afam Ani and Publicity Secretary Aduaka Anthony, the group described the Assembly as “rubber stamp and lame duck,” accusing them of being insensitive to the plight of the masses who currently buy a bag of Sachet water at N200 a bag.

“Equally pensioners are groaning as they are not being paid and salaries are not always paid as at when due such that workers are sometimes paid half salaries.

” In the same vein payment of gratuity is now left for our ancestors to resurrect and assist in most cases.

“Our urban roads are now turning to death traps with the House of Assembly hardly performing their oversight functions. Yet, members of the House of Assembly in Enugu have shamelessly passed for the first reading an obnoxious bill for Ex Governors.

” As concerned party members we will not sit and watch our state plunged into life slavery and the sale of future generation.”

The CNPP aligned itself with the 21-day ultimatum issued by the Save Enugu Group who demands that the bill be killed.

“At the end of the ultimatum, we shall join forces in coalition with all pro- people groups in the state as failure to kill the bill will make a peaceful mass protest inevitable.

The CNPP also warned Enugu politician Chief Ben Alukwu (Onye Eze) to stay off the obnoxious bill ” for we have ascertained his plot in threatening the Civil Society Group, Save Enugu Group and others that have raised their voices against the Bill.

“We the Executive and members of CNPP will resist this attempt to enslave the Citizens of Enugu state by all legal means.”


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