Bandits gave Jangebe Schoolgirls their phone numbers, promised to visit their Parents for marriage


A student among the kidnapped schoolgirls that were recently released has revealed something new.

It has been revealed that some of the bandits who kidnapped female students from a government school in Jangebe shared their phone numbers with the girls with promises of marriage.

Several girls who spoke with Daily Trust said their abductors professed love to them and promised to contact them over the phone to find out if they had accepted the marriage proposals.

One student, Hassatu Umar Anka, said their abductors advised the girls to abandon school so they could get married.

“When we were about to be released, some of them came and starting pointing at us and saying, ‘We love some of you and we want to marry you if you would accept our proposal. You shouldn’t be wasting your time schooling,” she said.

She said the armed men are very afraid of the military and whenever fighter jets hovered in the air, they would scamper to hiding places.

“They nicknamed the fighter jet “Shaho” (hawk) and if they see one, they would ask us to hide under caves or trees. It is really frightening them,” she added.


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